Sant'Agostino's Agritourism estate is situated on a hillock in the Maremma inland. The surrounding countryside is dominated by the small village of Montenero d'Orcia. Those that have admired the countryside from it's peak speak of it as "a Tuscan terrace".
This small town is inhabited by a wonderful community, even today still capable of living in harmony and respecting the land ,it's produces and it's many years of unchanged rituals.

In summer the temperate climate is dry and windy with scarse stormy rainfalls. The countryside is a covered in yellow thanks to the wheat fields, muffled by green and black Mediterranean shrub-land and Cypress trees that stand out in many places.

In Autumn as the plants remain dormant their leaves paint the woods and vineyards with rich shades of brown mingled with the evergreen olive-trees.
The mild winter offers grey and green colours in the bare earth which guards the seeds. The snow rarely falls on the hills and only occasionally the wind blows.
In spring the increasing rainfall helps the vegetation to grow again with varied shades of green.
Thanks to this changeable climate this is ideal countryside for artists and photographers.

The estate lies within an area that produces vintage wines from vineyards planted in the area of the "Montecucco Controlled Denomination of Origin", obtained from accurate quality controls on the vines, grape maturity and on the unrefined product in the cellar to finally reach the refined bottle of wine ready to drink in company and naturally to pair with traditional dishe's.

Also delicious extra virgin olive-oil is produced in the local olive-mill in Montenero d'Orcia.The cold pressed method is recommended to extract both a pure and high quality oil. The unforgettable aromatic fragrances can be savoured from the oil produced from olives grown in the vicinity. The most well known variety of olives is the native "Olivastra Seggianese".

Cereals, mainly wheat, are planted in the fields surrounding this hilltop town. Some of these are grown biologically. There are also farms which scrupulously check the growth of their animals in particular the breed of Chianina cattle, pigs and fowl.
All of this is due to good quality agriculture and respect for the local ecosystem.

To taste the true flavours of a particular region you can follow the gourmet cuisine advice of the local restaurant owners, pairing tradition and culinary art in the presentation of their dishes.


The part of this habitation used as an agritourism has been recently rebuilt, respecting the original layout and exterior of the former construction, built in the 1950's with merit to Maremma's Council. It's possible to admire other examples of similar estates spread over Maremma's countryside, still with an agricultural background.

The original building has been modified, requalifying things mentioned previously, built as an agricultural estate, capable of ,giving support by working the land and bringing up a family of about 10 people, in a new and modern farm-house for tourist interested in visiting these places.


Equipped for maximum comfort with a large living room, fan, mosquito nets, divan and television, a patio for sunbathing , large garden shaded by a tall and beautiful secular cypress tree, swimming pool (10x5x1,50) with pergola and umbrellas, mountain bikes, space with children's toys, remains only the difficult choice for our guests, to find themselves completely at ease in this structure which offers the possibility to stay in an uncontaminated environment, in harmony with the countryside and the culture that is present in Tuscany, ideal for enjoying peaceful and happy moments with family and friends.

Two single bedrooms, two double bedrooms and one triple. A cot is also available if necessary .The kitchen may be shared by all guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's equipped with ;-dishwasher, electric oven, fridge, kitchen and tableware, large room with divan and television.

A recently restored oven, of typical rural construction, is situated outside and may be used for preparing cooked foods in the open-air as used traditionally in days gone by. Pets are welcome.



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